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Integration of Proxy-n-VPN into GoLogin

Proxy-N-VPN is one of the leading companies providing anonymous proxies with a high level of security. The company has been operating since 2012, customer support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The server speed is 1000 megabits per second, and you can return the funds after the first order within 3 days.

How can you use these proxies in GoLogin? Log in to your Proxy-N-VPN account first. Next, go to the “Buy proxy” tab. Here you can choose different proxy packages from $2 to $1400 per month. All packets differ in the number of proxies. The larger the package, the cheaper the cost of each proxy. The minimum price will be 71 cents.

Select a package, click 'Order Now.' Here you can select the billing cycle, proxy country, for example, the United States of America. Next, we indicate how we are going to use proxies. For example, to work on Facebook. Click Continue and pay for the order.

Now we have to create a new profile in GoLogin. Click New profile and select HTTP proxies.

Then return to the Proxy-N-VPN and go to the “My proxies” tab. Here you will see a list of your proxies, their location and status. Copy the data from these fields and paste them into your GoLogin profile. Address, port, username and password. And click Create profile.

Done! Now you can run profile and start using proxies.

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