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Integration of Oxylabs into GoLogin

Oxylabs is one of the largest providers of residential proxies with more than 70 millions residential IPs spread all over the world. Oxylabs has residential proxies in every country in the world. You may get a proxy from a specific city as they claim to have proxies in almost every major city in the world. You can see their quantity on Oxylabs Proxy Map.

Oxylabs offers four pricing plans, starting from three hundreds dollars for the smallest package and to five thousand for the biggest one. Also there is customizable plan with no price on it, so if you need that one, you’ll need to contact the sales team.

How to use Oxylabs proxies in GoLogin?

1. Log in to your Oxylabs account. Here is your dashboard which shows traffic used this month. You can see more information by clicking Residential proxies - Statistics.

2. Then you can create different users with different traffic limit. It can be useful in teamwork, for example. To understand how to set up proxies you should open Documentation page.

3. First way is to use Single Backconnect Entry. It’s really simple. The single backconnect proxy enables to choose a specific country, city or ASN proxy via additional parameters in the username. “pr.oxylabs.io” is your host, port is “7777”, login is this string with your username and proxy parameters “customer-USERNAME-cc-US-city-CITY-sessid-abcde12345”. First enter your username, then after “cc” enter two-letter code of country which proxy you want to use (there is Decoding table available on Wikipedia), then case insensitive city name in English you can find full list of them below on the documentation page and the same with ASN and US states list. Password is password of your user account.

4. Then create a new profile in GoLogin.
Click New profile, enter the name and select HTTP proxies.

5. Return to Oxylabs, copy the data and paste into your GoLogin profile.
Fill in the Address, Port, Username with desirable parameters and your user’s password.
And click Create profile.

Done! Now you can run profile and start using Oxylabs proxies.

Also you can use Random Proxy Entry Points. Country-specific random proxy entry point will return new IP with every new request. You don’t need to pass any additional parameters, just “customer-username” and “password”. Just choose host and port of needed country. Then in login and password fields you should enter username and password of your user. Full list of random entry points is available in XLS document.

And very interesting function called Sticky Proxy Entry Points. Country-specific sticky proxy entry point will return the same IP with every new request while you will use the same port. IP stickiness works for up to 10 minutes. After that, the IP is replaced with a new one. Like in Random Proxy Entry Points, you don’t need to pass any additional parameters. Full list of sticky entry points is also available in XLS document.

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