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Integration of GeoSurf into GoLogin

GeoSurf is one of the biggest proxy providers, with over 2.5 million IP addresses proxy locations in every country and every city in the world. And their IPs are never detected as proxies! Managers are available to support you at every hour, every day, all year long via phone, email or Skype.

GeoSurf offers several pricing plans, starting from $450 for the smallest package and can customize a bigger plan according to your needs. Especially for GoLogin users, GeoSurf provided promo code “Go50Login”, which gives a $50 for Starter package. Just send it in answering email after registration in GeoSurf!

How to use GeoSurf proxies in GoLogin?

1) Log in to your GeoSurf account. Here is your dashboard which shows your balance and traffic used this month.

2) Then you should go to GeoSurf Gateways. Here you should choose parameters of your proxy. First is location accuracy. It may be country, state or city. Then IP rotation. You should choose Per session or Sticky IP. With Sticky IP GeoSurf provide a rotating IPs of 1/10/30 minutes and you may need it to work with social accounts. Next you can choose country, state and city targeting, if needed.

3) Then create a new profile in GoLogin. Click New profile, enter the name and select HTTP proxies. Return to GeoSurf Gateways, copy the data and paste into your GoLogin profile. Fill in the Address (it depends on the time you want to use proxy), Port, Username and your account’s password. And click Create profile.

Done! Now you can run profile and start using GeoSurf proxies.

We’d love to hear questions, comments and suggestions from you. Contact us support@gologin.com or leave a comment below.

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