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How to integrate PrivateProxy.me into GoLogin

PrivateProxy.me is a proxy provider owned and operated by Aqua Networks Limited, a London based IT company which specialises in Cloud IT services. The company was formed in 2010 and has since served thousands of customers around the world. Due to it’s affiliate with an IT company, PrivateProxy.me leverages great IP Address resource pools which allow them to provide 100% clean private proxies in many countries around the world.

PrivateProxy.me offers nine pricing plans for its customers, starting from nine dollars for the smallest package and to one thousand five hundred for the biggest one.

Especially for GoLogin users, PrivateProxy.me provided promo code “GOLOGINAPP”, which gives 25% discount.

Then, how to use PrivateProxy.me in GoLogin?

1. Log in to your PrivateProxy.me account. Then click Buy proxies, choose type of proxy, package, purpose and country.

2. After payment has passed go to My Proxies tab and click Get proxy list. Here you can see Proxy subscription details and data to use it.

3. Then create a new profile in GoLogin.
Click New profile, enter the name and select HTTP proxies.

4. Return to PrivateProxy.me, copy the data and paste into your GoLogin profile.
Fill in the Address, Port, Login, Password and click Create profile.

Done! Now you can run profile and start using PrivateProxy.me proxies.

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