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How to Hide IP?

As we wrote earlier, sites constantly monitor user information. Sometimes the user does not want this. One of the most important parameters that can be tracked is your IP. This shows your approximate location and Internet service provider. Also, other parameters can be found on the basis of IP. If you use the same IP address on several accounts, then the sites see that this is one person. To hide this information you must hide your IP. You have several ways to do this. We have compiled them in this article.

You already know about the differences between the IP addresses of the data center and the residential IP addresses, and you know why you need to hide your data. Most users use the same password for all accounts. Yes, it's easier to remember. But also you risk being hacked. To do this, sites additionally check you if any data has changed. For example, IP. They use additional security checks. Often IPs are dynamic and then they must be from the same city or region in order to avoid additional checks. So how to hide IP?

The most common option is VPN. This is a virtual private network. This disguises your IP as a different one and shows a different location and Internet service provider. Your connection is encrypted. However, you cannot use multiple IP addresses at the same time. This greatly complicates the work in some situations. But there are a large number of IP addresses within one cheap subscription. You can also use your VPN with GoLogin.

An alternative to VPN is proxy. A proxy server is another computer with a different IP address. By connecting through a proxy server, you show sites its IP. As with VPN, you can buy a proxy or create your own. Proxies can be divided into residential and data center. We wrote about their differences in this article, read for a clearer understanding. They work approximately the same. Also, proxies can be classified by connection type. There are SOCKS and HTTP proxies. Both options are quite effective. Using a proxy is very convenient for working with several accounts, but they do not have encryption of your traffic.

Each method has its pros and cons, but any of them is compatible with GoLogin. Thanks to this, any method becomes effective, try the free 10-day test period right now!

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