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GoLogin VS Canvas Fingerprinting

There are various tools for hiding your Internet identity. One of them is Canvas Blocker. But the problem is that it does not hide your digital fingerprint.

Canvas fingerprints are one of the browser’s fingerprinting methods for tracking online users that allow websites to identify and track visitors using an HTML5 canvas element instead of browser cookies or other similar means.

Your fingerprint contains information about the browser, platform, screen resolution, and other parameters. By visiting the website, you leave a digital token. This token is an individual indicator for determining site visitors. Sites can also store these tokens. But even worse, they can pass them on to their partners and advertising agencies.

Here are just a few parameters that make up your digital fingerprint:
1. Screen Resolution
2. Time zone
3. Color Depth
4. CPU class
5. Platform
6. Installed fonts
7. Plugins
8. Is Adblock set or not
9. Pixel ratio
10. Does the user use the Canvas Blocker

There are at least 15 more options to track. But parameter number 10 is especially interesting. It shows that using the Canvas Blocker you reveal yourself even more. Yes, that sounds weird, but it's true. Without using the Canvas Blocker you are more anonymous.

The same goes for sending random canvas prints. Using this method, you change your fingerprint for each request. The system sees this and filters you out into a separate group of suspicious ones. And this group will be very small!

The system separates users for each of the parameters. First, all users are divided by browser. For example, 50% of users use the Chrome browser, 25% Firefox and 25% Safari. Further, all users are divided by platform. Let's say 25% of those who use Chrome, half use Windows. So a large number of groups are gradually created, divided by more than 25 parameters. In some cases, there can only be one person in a group. And it can be you. So, someone can easily track exactly your activity on the Internet. But how to avoid this?

First, you must give the opportunity to track your fingerprint. Secondly, use the same fingerprint. Thirdly, if you want to erase traces, create a completely new digital fingerprint.

GoLogin will help you make it easier. It will allow you to comfortably configure all the parameters and create a new digital fingerprint. You can also easily change profiles with just one click. Try the free 7-day trial period now!

We’d love to hear questions, comments and suggestions from you. Contact us support@gologin.com or leave a comment below.

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