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Difference Between Fingerprint and Cookie

Now everyone is under constant surveillance. Smartphones, computers, watches, tablets - absolutely everything is tracked. Of course, information about our actions is collected to improve services and quality of interaction. But on the other hand, using the collected information, advertisers create templates for skillfully manipulating the client and achieving their benefits.

If we consider the definition itself, then fingerprint is individual for everyone. Using a fingerprint, it becomes possible to identify a person through the device he uses, software, settings, and more.

Anonymity on the Internet is truly an imaginary feeling that provides a sense of freedom, impunity, and inaccessibility. But, nevertheless, imaginary. What is fingerprint and what is different from cookies?

Fingerprint consists of collected data about you and your actions, such as the operating system, the settings used, the plugins installed, which ones are in use and which are not, active browsers and actions in them.

The main difference between fingerprint and cookies is that cookies only work with one domain and no more. In the case of a fingerprint, much more information can be tracked. For example, where do they go to your resource. Also, cookies can always be blocked or cleared, while fingerprint data can only be changed. How to change your fingerprint?

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