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Creating New Internet Identity with GoLogin

Network identity is the totality of your accounts on social networks, computers, IP, phones and others. Some people need several Internet identities. These are marketers, journalists, recruiters, business owners, sellers and developers. Internet identity is your digital fingerprint. We leave it everywhere. But how is it recognized and how you can mask it? Read this article!

In order to create a new Internet identity in GoLogin you need to create a profile. After creating a profile, you need to configure it. Here you can select IP, browser, operating system, platform, geolocation and 15 more parameters.

In usual browsers, there is the possibility of multi-accounting, but it is implemented quite inconveniently. Also, you cannot attach proxies to each profile. There can be only one proxy at all. Therefore, you cannot hide the real IP address. GoLogin solves this problem.

For comfortable use of the program, you will need to save your session in the browser. A browser session is a set of your tabs, your authorization on sites that must be saved if you do not want to open everything again.

How can you use this? Imagine that you are a SMM manager and usually work at home on your PC. You use many accounts on social networks. Suddenly, you needed to leave for a meeting. You took a laptop with you, but your session is already closed on your home PC. This means that you cannot open it from a laptop. If you use GoLogin, then you still have the opportunity. After all, your entire session has been saved and is in the cloud. Therefore, after the meeting, you easily open your laptop and finish the job. All accounts, logins and sessions are always with you!

To set up your profile you need to determine the required level of anonymity. It depends on what parameters you will hide from sites. Firstly, you need to hide your IP. Proxies will help you with this. However, sites can still recognize your Internet identity.

Next you can choose a browser. This is a very important parameter. For example, if you access sites through the Tor browser, they often give you captcha to check that you are a human. The fact is that this browser is often used to work with bots and sites relate to it with less confidence.

You can also set the screen resolution, your location and time zone. Do not forget about customizing fonts, payment methods and extensions.

If you do not use GoLogin alone, then you will like the proxy tunneling feature. This feature allows IPs that are not in the allowed list to connect to your proxy. This can be used by your assistants or even you if you need access from another computer. However, the speed of your connection may decrease, do not forget about it.

After creating a profile, you can launch the Orbit browser. After launch, you will see information about your Internet identity that sites will see. If everything is as you configured, feel free to visit the sites!

You can close the browser by clicking on the red 'Stop' button. Thanks to this, you save your session. And as you remember, later, you can open the same session with the same tabs.

You can attach different accounts on social networks to one Internet identity. For example, you are the same SMM manager from the story above. You must promote the customer’s account on several social networks. Let’s call the customer’s company GoBest. To manage all the GoBest accounts, you just need to purchase a cheap proxy and log in to the customer’s accounts. Opening the GoBest profile every day you will see a saved session with all social networks. Work is much easier with GoLogin, try the free 7-day trial period right now!

We’d love to hear questions, comments and suggestions from you. Contact us support@gologin.com or leave a comment below.

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