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Canvas in GoLogin

Canvas fingerprints are one of the browser’s fingerprinting methods for tracking online users that allow websites to identify and track visitors using an HTML5 canvas element instead of browser cookies or other similar means. Your fingerprint contains information about the browser, platform, screen resolution, and other parameters. By visiting the website, you leave a digital token. This token is an individual indicator for determining site visitors.

The site instructs your browser to draw a canvas object. Each browser, depending on its parameters, will perform this task in different ways. Each browser will draw this image differently. Different images may look the same for us, but their hash will be different.

You can manage canvas prints in GoLogin profiles. You can use three operating modes: Block, Off and Noise. What is their difference?

Blocking mode prevents websites from reading your canvas. The value that the site will receive will be empty. But this will make you even more suspicious. Because a small number of people use this feature. According to our estimates, these are just a few thousand people. Therefore, you become much more suspicious by disabling the Canvas function. This feature will only be useful when many people use it.

When off, websites will see your real canvas. This mode can be effective when web sites consider canvas blocking or 100% unique canvases to be suspicious.

Why are 100% unique canvases bad? The fact is that usually a few more computers in the world have the same settings as you. Mac users will have a lot of such matches, because they have a similar build. And in this case, the hash will be the same for several users.

Noise mode means that GoLogin will add random but constant noise to the readings. Be careful, because of noise, sites may perceive the fingerprint as 100% unique. However, if you use the same profile from different computers, then the canvas will be different. This can be avoided by launching GoLogin from virtual assistants or the same computers

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