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Canvas Fingerprint VS Your Anonymity

Online anonymity is very important. Especially for those who do not want to leave any traces on the Internet at all and do not want their actions to be tracked. Today we’ll talk about what steals our ability to be anonymous - Canvas Fingerprint. We’ll tell you what it is, how it works, and how to stay confidential on the Internet.

Canvas Fingerprint is a unique fingerprint of your browser. It gives analytics systems and software maximum information about you:
which browser are you using;
what screen extension is installed;
how many fonts do you use;
how many and which plugins are installed;
what extensions do you use and so on.

Canvas Fingerprint is unique to every user - just like a real fingerprint. A kind of “fingerprint” can be presented in the form of a code or picture. But in any case, he can transmit all the information about you.

Canvas Fingerprint is worse than tracking users in other accessible ways. For example, it collects information about you even in incognito mode. In fact, such a “fingerprint” cannot be removed - you can only deceive the analytics system and provide it with a different identifier. It is not stored anywhere on the computer, but sites can save it to identify users.

Original browser unique fingerprints are used for a variety of purposes, namely for:
collecting data for analytics, for example, to determine whether you have been on a site for the first time or have already visited it;
personalized advertising settings;
tracking users for other purposes.

Canvas Fingerprint in browsers is unique for each device. Roughly speaking, if the system analyzes you, and then you turn on incognito mode and go to the site, it will recognize you.

As we already said, you cannot remove Canvas Fingerprint from the browser. You can only fool the analytics system by providing it with other data. This can be done with the help of GoLogin.

This is a platform that was created specifically to replace the identifiers of different browsers. It is beneficial to use if you have a large number of browser profiles. It prevents data leakage from one profile to another, because they are all stored in different containers.

Also, using the platform, you can mask your unique fingerprint, replacing it with random ones. The program simulates a physical device and gives 'data' from it, and your actions remain completely anonymous. You can also easily change profiles with just one click. Try the free 7-day trial period now!

We’d love to hear questions, comments and suggestions from you. Contact us support@gologin.com or leave a comment below.

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