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Big Brother is Watching Your Fingerprint!

Online shopping is gaining in popularity. People looking for them in search engines and then wonder why they see ads for these products. How do sites know what you are looking for and what ads to show?

They track your fingerprint. The main purpose of this is to sell you the right product. Internet marketing has captivated the whole world. Its main difference from offline advertising is the ability to personalize advertising. Therefore, it is much more effective. There are a large number of parameters that track web sites. Today we will tell you more about some of them.

One of the most striking indicators that show your identity to sites are installed plugins. You use them to improve your browser. Since they are developed by third parties, plugins are executed in another process of your computer. Therefore, they can receive and transmit information about your fonts, about your equipment, your real IP and MAC-address. And these are just some of the parameters that plugins can transmit.

The list of installed Add-Ons of your browser is also your indicator. For example, Add-Ons can find out the exact version of your browser and other unique data. The combination of Add-Ons will also help distinguish you from other users.

Another important parameter is the screen resolution and size. Therefore, it is very important to control this value. Typically, users open browsers the full size of the screen, so this feature is also available to web sites. This method can even track browsers like Tor.

Despite deleting cookies, some may remain. These are supercookies. They are stored in places inaccessible to cleaning tools. In order to remove them you need to use special tools or do it manually.

The user agent string can show web sites the version of your browser. But that is not all! It also provides data about your system, platform, and other more unique features. Sometimes a single user line is enough to identify a specific user.

Digital fingerprint is a very effective technology. It's hard to deal with, but there are technologies that can do this. This is GoLogin. Creating GoLogin, we discovered even more parameters that sites could track. But we will not disclose them so as not to create additional risks of your confidentiality. However, be sure that we will hide any of your data. Try the convenience of anonymous internet with GoLogin, try the free 7-day trial period right now!

We’d love to hear questions, comments and suggestions from you. Contact us support@gologin.com or leave a comment below.

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