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Is it safe to give a laptop to a service?

Failure of a portable or stationary personal computer is an unpleasant and unforeseen event. Laptop repair in a non-specialized service can turn into an even bigger problem - the leak of personal information (photos, videos, passwords from sites, correspondence). But, if no one is safe from a laptop breakdown, then everyone can protect the personal data that is stored on it.

The simplest thing that every owner of a laptop computer can do if it breaks down is to hand over the equipment to a service that performs professional repair of laptops of a certain brand.

If in order to repair a PC or laptop you do not need a hard drive, it is better to remove it. Since all information, including passwords from mail, accounts on social networks, data on cards is stored on the hard drive, its extraction will prevent theft by hackers.

IIn some cases, in order to successfully repair a laptop computer, it is not recommended to remove the hard drive. Then you should take care of security in advance and encrypt the available information.

Ideally, access to the laptop should be protected by a complex password, which does not need to be told to a service center employee even at his request. The password must be complex, contain both numbers and upper and lower case letters, not be associated with the name, date of birth or other public information about the owner.

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