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Integration of NetNut into GoLogin

NetNut is one of the fastest premium residential proxy providers, with over 5 Million residential IPs. Its proxy network uses direct connectivity to ISPs - a more efficient type of proxy network than the standard P2P network, that are known to utilize the end-user devices and creating bottlenecks.

NetNut uses DiviNetworks’ data delivery services, which makes NetNut’s network much more stable, secure, and efficient. This is because all traffic is routed through their network with no third-party device is required. As a result, there won't be any bottlenecks, disconnections, or interruptions to the proxy network.

A 7-day trial period is available, so you can try all the benefits for yourself for free.

Especially for GoLogin users, NetNut provided promo code “GLNTNT”, which gives a 15% discount on all residential proxy plans. Try now via our partner link.

NetNut offers six pricing plans, starting from $300 for the smallest package and $3500 (and higher) for the biggest one. There are request based plans as well for bandwidth based plans, and customizable plans with no price on it, so if you need that one, you’ll need to contact the sales team.

How to use NetNut proxies in GoLogin?

Log in to your NetNut account. Here is your dashboard. In the Implementation Guidelines tab, you can see all data that you need to use the proxy.

Create a new profile in GoLogin.
Click New profile and select HTTP proxies.

Return to NetNut dashboard, copy the data and paste into your GoLogin profile.
Fill in the Address, Port, Username with Country Code that you wish to use, and your account’s credentials which were provided by NetNut.

Click Create Profile.

Done! Now you can run profiles and start using proxies.

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